"Activate Your Inner Rebel and Fight for Your Health"

Dr. Radisha Brown felt hopeless in her attempts to lose 80 pounds of excess weight. She tried every diet that promised her fast weight loss, but each time resulted in failure.

Wellness Rebel Roadmap provides a guide to losing weight without losing your mind. In this candid, how-to-guide, Dr. Radisha Brown- a licensed therapist and weight loss mentor- provides a plan to help readers:

• Learn how to keep the weight off long-term

• Identify what to eat to lose weight

• Understand that being overweight is not their fault

• Recognize trigger moments that lead to overeating

• Establish healthy weight loss goals that actually work ….

And so much more!

Grab this book if you want to learn how to permanently lose weight!

Dr. Radisha Brown, is a Licensed Therapist and Weight Loss Mentor, who reaches clients with humor, positivity, and warmth. Her mission is to help overweight women activate their inner rebel by releasing unwanted weight, rebuilding self-love, and reclaiming their life. 

Dr. Radisha survived child abandonment, built the courage to leave a broken marriage and regained her mental health and physical wellness by losing 80 pounds. She is the host of the Wellness Rebel Roadmap Podcast where she focuses on helping women to overcome trauma, pain, and weight gain.
Through her life motto, best-selling book, and transformational services, Dr. Radisha wants to help you GET OFF the couch and fight to take your life back!